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Take control of your credit today

Your credit will not fix itself. Your tomorrow self will thank youfor the actions that you make today.

  • The longer that you wait the more money that you loose. You may also miss out on some time sensitve opportunities.

  • Higher Interest rates can cost you thousands on vehicle and mortgage payments. Fix your credit and pay less.

  • The sooner that you start ,The sooner that you finish. Do you need a better mortgage or a new car?

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Remove negative items from your report

Negative items can stay on you credit for many years. When they are removed your score jumps higher immediately.
  • Bad Debts
  • Late Payments
  • Hard Inquiries
  • Judgements
  • Collections
  • Repossesions
  • Public records
  • Liens
  • Duplications
  • erroneous aka's
  • Erroneous Employment
  • Erroneous Addresses
  • Unsubstantiated accounts

Gain increased credit power

A higher Credit Score opens doors to more financial opportunities.
  • Lower Down Payments
  • No Security Deposits
  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Unsecured Lines of Credit
  • Busines Lines of Credit
  • Zero interest car loans
  • Better truck Loans
  • No More private lenders
  • Better Mortgage Rates

Guaranteed Service

At Advanced Credit you are not just a database record. We know all our clients and their unique circumstances.
  • Over 20 years in the field
  • Several thousands of satisified clients
  • Talk to experienced Counsellors
  • If your debts need to be settled we can help
  • If you need budgetting advice we can help
  • We will teach you how to read your credit report
  • We will advice you on which accounts require attention.
  • We will monitor your credit
  • We will look ahead help you avoid problems


Most of our business is word of mouth. Read what some of our clients are saying about their results.

  • My car loan was being held up due to a problem on my credit. I called Advanced Credit, and with a week my score went up 98 points and my loan was approved. Having my sore improved also helped me to to get a merchant visa for my business.

    Sam G.
  • My credit score increased 227 points from 489 to 716 in less than four months. My improved score will definitely help when I buy my new home. I am so excited about my great score that I have introduced several of my best friends to this program.

    JUDY T.

Credit repair is easy

A few points can make a big Difference.